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Grain Processing

Cereals are one of the main components of the world’s food supply, which has led to a diverse range of products and a large consumer market. The main raw materials for cereal production are barley, wheat, rice, corn, oats, peas, buckwheat and millet. Rice, buckwheat and millet are classified as cereals because they are traditionally used to produce cereals only. The rest of these crops are the main raw materials for other industries, such as feed, starch and molasses, alcohol, and brewing.

All of these crops differ in morphology, the ratio of anatomical parts and chemical composition. To a large extent, these differences between grains of different crops explain the difference in their structural and mechanical properties, which determines the specifics of their processing technology and consumption traditions. Thus, millet, buckwheat and rice cereals are mostly produced whole. Wheat, barley and corn cereals are mainly produced in crushed form. The production of buckwheat groats and cereal flakes in most cases requires the use of hydro-thermal treatment with steam.

The technology for processing each crop into cereals is individual and different from any other. At the same time, most of the processes for processing wheat, barley, peas and millet are similar. Often, the processing of these crops is combined into a single technological line – a universal line. In some cases, it is advisable to combine buckwheat processing with millet processing. It is sometimes advisable to supplement oat flakes production with the possibility of producing flakes from other crops. The diversity of the range and characteristics of cereal production provides a huge scope for solving processing problems through the introduction of aggregate cereal mills, complete cereal plants and especially customised production facilities.

We produce:

Groats mills for processing wheat, barley, peas and millet (universal)

Buckwheat groats mills

Oat groats mills

Corn mills for processing corn

Flake production line

Groats mills for processing pulses

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