Обладнання для очищення, переробки та контролю якості зерна.

Equipment for cleaning, processing and quality control of grain.


Equipment for grain cleaning, processing and quality control

Our company is a developer and manufacturer of more than 200 items of equipment for grain cleaning and processing, transport, aspiration and grain quality control. The main problem of many companies in our industry is the lack of desire and capacity to develop new equipment and improve existing products. It's no secret that this requires huge investments. We pay great attention to this area, because there is no limit to perfection. Our company has a development and implementation department that develops, tests and refines new or existing products. In addition to designers and machine builders, this group includes process engineers with specialised education who understand the intricacies of technology, and grain processing equipment is made up of the smallest details. Today, our company is one of the largest manufacturers in this segment: 

  • Grain cleaning equipment (grain separators LUCH ZSO, grain separators GORIZONT-K, air separators VSZ and VSZM, scalpers SKO);
  • technological equipment for flour production (rolling machines VSM, flour sifters RMO-4, enthalpy-dismembrators ESM-1.5, kneading machines MWM, grain surface cleaning machines MBO and MAO);
  • technological equipment for cereal production (KASKAD hulling and grinding machines, VDM and VDSO rolling machines, centrifugal hullers SHCO, cereal sifters RKO-4, paddy machines VECTOR MSO, steaming machines A9-BPB and PPSh-O, and a flattening machine PPM-0.5);
  • conveying equipment (grain elevators NZ, scraper conveyors TSO, screw conveyors Sh);
  • gravity equipment (flap valves, gate valves, branches, inlets, gravity pipes);
  • aspiration equipment (cyclones, fans, airlocks);
  • laboratory equipment (laboratory mills, drying cabinets, laboratory sieves and hullers, specialised laboratory equipment for grain and flour quality control);
  • integrated aggregate solutions (ZAV-NIVA grain cleaning units, OPTIMATIK-K groats and groats mills, OPTIMATIK-M mills, UOK cereal enrichment units, and grain flake lines).