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Thorough grain cleaning

When producing grain, farmers use seeds from foreign or domestic seed producers or grain from their own harvest as seed material. Seed producers provide seeds that are already cleaned and calibrated, have high germination parameters and are ready for sowing. If you use your own seed, you need to thoroughly clean and calibrate it yourself.

OLIS has a ready-made modular solution (Fig. 1, Fig. 2), which has the entire set of necessary technological equipment. The main task of such a line is to ensure the purity of the seed material, preserve germination parameters and select the most powerful and benign fractions from the grain mixture that have high germination and ensure high yields in the future.

The universal seed line is designed to solve a wide range of cleaning and calibration tasks. Depending on the specific tasks, type of grain crop, the technological scheme of the seed line can be more or less developed and exclude some operations, and its efficiency is achieved by selecting the working bodies of the machines and their adjustment.

Fig. 1 – Schematic diagram of grain cleaning lines
Fig. 2- Technological line for thorough grain cleaning