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Grain cleaning complexes

Post-harvest cleaning is an essential part of grain production. The effectiveness of this process directly affects the efficiency of further drying, storage and processing processes, significantly determines the compliance of grain with commodity classes and affects the cost of grain.

The grain mass supplied for post-harvest cleaning is a mixture of full, small and damaged grain of the main crop, seeds of various cultivated plants and weeds, as well as plant particles, straw, ears, chaff, sand, lumps of earth, etc. The content of impurities in the grain of the main crop can range from 2 to 15%.

Grain cleaning operations are divided into the following main stages according to their intended purpose and the technical means used: preliminary cleaning, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning and sorting.

Preliminary cleaning of the grain mass is the separation of large, small and light impurities to ensure favourable conditions for the subsequent technological operations of post-harvest grain processing, mainly drying.

Primary grain cleaning is the separation of large, small and light impurities and sorting into the main (food and seed) and fodder fractions with minimal losses of the main grain. At the same time, the main fraction must meet the standards of the procurement basic conditions. With low weediness and moisture content of the grain, post-harvest processing can begin with primary cleaning.

Secondary cleaning is used for grain that has undergone primary cleaning to bring its quality to food or seed grade.

Sorting is the separation of the main crop grain into fractions according to some characteristic (size, density, hovering speed, etc.). Sorting also includes calibration, which is the separation of seeds by size.

Thus, post-harvest cleaning is a set of interrelated and complementary technological operations that result in ensuring the quality of grain, which allows it to be used for food, fodder or seed purposes.

Having summarised the experience gained, OLIS has developed and manufactures NIVA aggregate grain cleaning complexes for you. These units are based on the LUCH-ZSO drum separators, which have proven themselves to be the best in agricultural conditions. The NIVA units operate in a fully automatic mode. When developing them, special attention was paid to occupational safety, ease of use and aesthetics. Typical solutions for hitching up NIVA units include retrofitting them with filling pits of various designs, dryers, bins, seed lines, etc.

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