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Groats Production

Product range

Cereal is a food product obtained from the processing of cereal grains that can provide the human body with essential macro- and micro-nutrients. It is one of the key components of a healthy diet.

In Ukraine, the following crops are used as raw materials for cereal production: rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, wheat, barley, oats, and peas. Cereals can also be produced from sorghum, sorghum, durum wheat (bulgur), chickpeas, and lentils. Rice, buckwheat, millet are classified as purely cereal crops, as they are traditionally processed only into cereals, while other crops are used to produce canned food (corn, peas), food concentrates (corn), bakery flour (wheat), beer (barley), and mixed fodder (barley, oats, corn, wheat, peas).

Cereal products include: whole kernel cereals (polished rice, buckwheat kernel, polished millet, whole oatmeal, barley pearl barley, peas); crushed or ground polished cereals (polished corn, wheat, barley barley); flakes (barley, buckwheat, oatmeal “Hercules” and “Extra”, as well as millet, small corn); flour (oatmeal “tolokno”, corn, as well as rice, millet, barley, buckwheat, peas).

Whole cereals are divided into varieties (polished rice, buckwheat kernel, whole oats, polished millet, peas, split peas), and ground cereals are divided into numbers (pearl barley, barley barley, polished corn, wheat).

The by-products include feed meal, feed crumb, husk and germ (in corn). In addition, feed and non-feed waste is produced.

The range of cereal products is not stable and is constantly expanding towards the creation of fast food products (flakes, instant cereals) and improving the efficiency of processing cereal grains into food products (cereals with increased nutritional value, flour from crushed cereals).

Technological features of cereal production

A modern groats mill can be divided into 3 departments:

Preparatory or grain cleaning – where technological operations are carried out to clean grain from impurities, prepare grain through moisture and heat treatment, calibrate grain, dehulling (for corn), and control waste.

Hulling (hulling) department – where the process of hulling the cleaned and prepared grain is carried out. Depending on the type of grain and the range of cereal products, there may be different technological stages: hulling, sorting of hulling products, grinding or cutting of the kernel, grinding and polishing, sorting of grinding products, and cereal control. The production of flakes involves the following stages: moisture and heat treatment (humidification, steaming), flattening, drying, cooling and flake control.

Packing compartment – designed for packing cereals into bags or sacks.

The main technological process of cereal production is hulling, i.e. removing surface hulls (flower, fruit, seed). Various hulling machines are used to hull grain. Hullers are divided into three groups depending on the way the machine’s working parts mechanically impact the grain and the type of deformation they cause to the hulls, with each group being dominated by the following hulling methods:

– Compression and shear (roll deck machine, rolling machine with rubberised rollers);

– single or multiple impact (upholstery machine, centrifugal peeler);

– intensive abrasion of shells (peeling and grinding machines).

To improve the appearance and digestibility of the cereal, it is ground and polished, which is accompanied by rounding of the particles and helps to reduce the cooking time.

Process equipment for cereal production

Our company offers the following equipment for various technological operations in flour production:

Cleaning – Grain separators PSO, Sieve separators GORIZONT-K, Stone separators OMP , Trier-coil separator TKK, Trier-seed separator TKO; Air separator (aspirator) ASO; Aspiration column AK, Husk separator MVO-1,5, Fluff separator MVP-1,5, Magnetic separator BMPO

Moist heat treatment (steaming) – Steamer PPSh-O, Steamer A9-BPB

Drying, cooling – Vertical dryer VPS-O

Calibration – Pneumatic sorting table SPS, Paddy machine “VECTOR” MSO-3×12

Peeling, grinding and polishing – VDM-200, VDSO-400, 600 roller, SHCO centrifugal peelers, KASKAD debrander, Upholstery machines MBO-3/6; MAO-3/6

Sorting – Cereal plansifter RKO-4, Sifter BM-0.8, BM-1.2, BM-2.0

Grinding and cutting – DKM chopper, VSM rolling machine, MPG-1.5 pea splitter, MKG-0.8 pea splitter

Flattening – Flattening machine PPM-0,5

Drying of cereals – Dryer for cereals СХО

Flake control – PXO sifter for flakes

The site provides a description, technical characteristics and features of the technological equipment offered to the customer. We hope that this information will be the basis for your decision to choose our equipment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will advise you, together we will select the technological equipment that will be most effective and useful for your company.