Automation - Olis


Automation of technologies and equipment for grain processing is one of the bases for ensuring the quality of products produced.

In the production process, specialists of the company OLIS solve a wide range of tasks for automation of supplied equipment – from simple to the most complex:

  • complete with control cabinets for separate equipment units –separators PSO, centrifugal huskers SHCO, steamers PPSH-O and much more;
  • design, manufacture and commissioning of control systems for grain cleaning complexes, groats mills and flour mills, including:
    • a set of cabinets (input and distribution, power, control);
    • a PC-based operator workstation with a SCADA system that provides both local and remote monitoring and control;
    • local (floor) control panels based on operator panels with touch displays.

Elements of “Smart Production” systems are actively used when building automation systems:

  • algorithms for automatic selection of necessary submodes of operation as a separate equipment and grain plant in general, taking into account the mathematical modeling of technical processes;
  • IIoT technologies (Industrial Internet of Things);
  • Wireless technologies (wireless transmission technologies);
  • and more.

In addition to reliability, quality and convenience, every system that is created is based on operational safety.

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