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The production and processing of grain is inextricably linked with the use of various laboratory equipment. It is necessary for sampling grain and grain processing products, their sample preparation, weighing and control of quality indicators according to domestic or international standards. For this, special and general purpose laboratory equipment are used in laboratories.

The selection of laboratory equipment for the laboratory depends on the type of raw materials and the range of finished products, the direction of their use, the availability of automatic quality control systems in the flow, the size of the budget, consumer requirements and other factors, therefore it is chosen in each case individually.

Groups of laboratory equipment

By purpose, type of equipment and type of product for analysis, laboratory equipment can be divided into the following groups:

  • Sampling, homogenization and storage of samples (samplers, probes, dividers, thermobars, thermometers)
  • Grain cleaning and sieve analysis (laboratory separators, laboratory sifters, sieves, grain purity work boards, magnets)
  • Grinding and husking of grain (laboratory mills, laboratory huskers, laboratory bran finishers)
  • Moisture determination (drying cabinets, drying ovens, box coolers, grain moisture meters, scales-moisture meters)
  • IR analyzers and express analyzers (desktop and portable IR analyzers, phospholipid analyzers, oil content meters)
  • Visual and optical methods (grainscopes, whiteness analyzers, image analyzers)
  • Component analysis (muffle furnaces, protein analyzers, digesters, fat content analyzers, fiber analyzers)
  • Analysis of the functional and technological properties of grain and flour (hectoliter meters, seed counters, dough mixers, a set of equipment for gluten analysis, gluten strain meters, presses for drying gluten, Falling Numbers analyzers, test tube shakers for FN, laboratory centrifuges for SRC, amylograph analogues, damaged starch analyzers)
  • Analysis of the rheological properties of the dough (analogs of alveograph, farinograph, extensograph, chiller, automatic water supply system)
  • Analysis of bread, confectionery, pasta and cereal products (dough mixers, porosity meters, texture analyzers)
  • Analysis of compound feed, oil crops, seeds and malt (hand presses for oil extraction, granule hardness meters, granule fragility meters, seed counters, malt friability analyzers, dry air thermostats)
  • Weighing equipment (platform, laboratory and analytical scales)
  • Other equipment, spare parts and accessories (dispensers, rotameters, gas analyzers, distillers, water baths, centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, desiccators, tripods, dryers for dishes, dispensers, timers, scoops, cups, spatulas, scalpels, boxes, crucibles, tongs)
  • Laboratory utensils (flasks, measuring cylinders, centrifuge tubes, bottles, funnels, dispensers)
  • Laboratory furniture (cabinets, tables, hoods, cabinets)

In the catalog you can find a large selection of high-quality and high-precision laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture, laboratory dishes and accessories. In addition, clients of our company get the opportunity to purchase consumables. “OLIS” guarantees an individual approach to each client, an affordable cost of equipment, as well as discounts for wholesale purchases and delivery throughout Ukraine.

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