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OLIS Ltd is a Ukrainian manufacturer of grain cleaning, groats, flour milling and laboratory equipment.
All about processing of grain into groats! Universal groats mill Optimatic-K-15! Groats mill from OLIS
Grain separator LUCH ZSO. Principle of operation of the drum separator from OLIS. Cleaning of all types of grain
AGRO-ROS LLC, cleaning of grain crops. Feedback on the operation of grain separators from the manufacturer OLIS.
“OLIS” Ltd Sieve separator PSO-100, Grain cleaning
Feedback on the operation of the grain separator LUCH ZSO 200. ZAV, grain cleaning, crop processing
Mobile grain cleaning complex ZAV NIVA based on LUCH ZSO
Presentation of the largest grain separator LUCH ZSO-300
Results of the exhibition Agro-2020
Feedback on the operation of the equipment of OLIS Ltd. Grain separator LUCH ZSO 200
Results of AgroSpring 2020, grain separator LUCH ZSO 300! New from OLIS!
OLIS is visiting TM Viliya! Elevator, grain separators, grain cleaning. Volyn-Grain-Product!
Feedback on the operation of OLIS equipment! Belotserkovsky KHP
OLIS at AgroComplex 2019 in Kyiv!
OLIS at Agritechnica 2019 in Hannover!
Feedback on the work of the grain separator LUCH ZSO-150
“OLIS” Ltd at the exhibition “Agro-2019”
A plant for processing buckwheat grain was put into operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
“OLIS” Ltd Field Day “VILIA-2018”, Lutsk, Ukraine
“OLIS” Ltd at the international agro-industrial exhibition “Agro-2018”
“OLIS” Ltd at the exhibition “Grain Technologies 2018”, Kyiv
“OLIS” Ltd at the exhibition AGRITECHNICA – 2017
“OLIS” Ltd at the third international conference “Forum of grain processors – 2017”
“OLIS” Ltd at the exhibition “AGRO-2017”, Kyiv
Feedback on the work of the aggregate universal groats mill “OPTIMATIK K-15”, the aggregate enrichment unit UOK-2, as well as plans for the future of Kasatkina Evgenia (Vertex-Vostok LLP)
Video review of the participation of “OLIS” in the international exhibition “AgriTek-2017”; in Astana
Feedback on the work of the grain separator “LUCH ZSO-200”, Korotun Vitaliy PE “Agro-Express-Service”
Result of the exhibition “Grain Technologies 2017”
Pneumatic sorting table SPS-3.5 in operation
“OLIS” at the exhibition “KazAgro-2016”, Kazakhstan
OLIS company at the conference on soybean processing, Romania
OLIS is a sponsor of “Grain Processors Forum–2016”
OLIS at AGRO-2016, Kyiv, Ukraine
“OLIS” company took part in the exhibition “AgroExpo”
InterAgro-2016 (Kyiv). Results of participation of OLIS
Pneumatic sorting table SPS
Field Day “VILIA-2016”, Lutsk, Ukraine
Feedback on the grain cleaning separator “LUCH–ZSO” of the company “OLIS”
Universal groats mill “OPTIMATIK K”; from the manufacturer “OLIS”
Grain cleaning separator LUCH-ZSO from the manufacturer “OLIS”
Mill of high-quality grade wheat milling with a productivity of 30 t/day
Grain cleaning unit ZAV-25 from the manufacturer “OLIS”
Aggregate unit for enrichment of cereals “UOK-1” and “UOK-2” manufactured by “OLIS”