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Belotserkovsky grain processing plant

Feedback on the work of the equipment of OLIS Ltd at the enterprise “Belotserkovsky” grain processing plant, Belaya Tserkov. Belotserkov grain processing plant is a modern powerful grain processing enterprise founded in 1910.

“Volhynia-Zerno-Produkt” LLC

“Volhynia-Zerno-Produkt” LLC today is one of the largest multi-purpose production complexes in the region, which produces wheat flour, pasta, cereals, various types of animal feed and feed mixtures. The company has installed:

  • Grain separator LUCH ZSO-200;
  • Scaler SKO-200.

Also, laboratory equipment:

  • Universal laboratory sifter RLU-1;
  • Laboratory mill LMT-2;
  • Universal laboratory sifter RLU-1;
  • Laboratory oil press PROM.
“Derazhnia – mlyn” LLC

The company has installed:

  • Debrander design “KASKAD” (Machine for deep processing of grain surface);
  • Grain separator LUCH ZSO-75;
  • Grain separator LUCH ZSO-200.
“Prometei-Servis” LLC

In 2020, OLIS launched a grain cleaning complex based on the separator in LUCH ZSO-200 Mykolaiv region! We present to your attention the opinion of the head of the enterprise Prometei-Servis LLC. The enterprise has installed a grain-cleaning drum-type separator LUCH ZSO-200 with a productivity of 200 t/h.

PC “Ahrosystema+”

5 years ago, the client of our company was PC “Ahrosystema+” from Tetiev, Kyiv region. In this video, the director of the enterprise talks about the work of the Grain separator LUCH ZSO-150.

Farm “Dubovyk”

We present to your attention a review of the operation of the grain cleaning flat-sieve type separator PSO-100 at an enterprise in Chernihiv region!


Feedback on the operation of the grain-cleaning drum-type separator LUCH ZSO-150 and the flat-sieve separator HORIZONT-K-300 at the AHRO-ROS LLC enterprise in Cherkasy region.


Evgeny Kasatkin’s review of VERTEKS-SKhID LLC on the operation of the aggregate universal groats mill OPTIMATIK K-15.

Petropavlovsk groats plant Kazakhstan

A plant for processing buckwheat and other grain crops was put into operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk).

LUCH ZSO-75, installed in Khmelnitsky region

Grain separator LUCH ZSO-75, installed in Khmelnytsky region in 2015.

“Mybeko” LLC

“Mybeko” LLC, represented by director Halim Naimovich Kadyrov, expresses sincere gratitude to the “OLIS” LLC team for fruitful cooperation and professionalism. Thanks to our joint efforts and honest attitude to work, our joint project – “Oat processing plant 60 t/day with a flake line 34 t/day” was successfully completed and became a worthy example of quality and professionalism.


The company Protein-Production LLC expresses its sincere gratitude to OLIS LLC. During the period of our cooperation, we noted your competence, efficiency and desire to do your job efficiently and in a timely manner.

I would like to express special gratitude to Olga Dzyuba, Head of Laboratory Equipment Sales, for regular information support in the field of new products, delivery times and pricing policies, as well as for competence and responsible attitude in working with the customer.


OLIS Ltd has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment.

“OPTYMUS PLIuS” LLC thanks you for many years of successful cooperation, for attentiveness to the requirements and wishes of customers, for promptness in providing information about the product, accompanying documents, including accounting documents, delivery of goods, service.

We hope that future cooperation will bring the same pleasant emotions.

“TIS-Zerno” LLC

OLIS Ltd has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment. TIS-Zerno LLC expresses its sincere gratitude to OLIS Ltd for many years of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Over the entire period of cooperation, the supply of laboratory equipment was carried out promptly, on time, in full and of proper quality. I would also like to note the efficiency and quality of service, both warranty and post-warranty. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to further cooperation.