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“Bread Industry-2024”

Friends, on May 16-17, our company took part in the largest bread industry forum of Ukraine “Bread Industry-2024”. During the event, for the first time, we presented our two novelties, the laboratory shaker OLISLAB 6300 and the laboratory centrifuge OLISLAB 6400. Also, during the panel discussion “Alternative raw materials, innovative technologies, innovative products”, Oleksandr Vereshchynskyi,

OLIS is a special partner of the Grain Storage Forum

OLIS LLC specializes in the development, production and implementation of technologies and equipment for grain processing, cleaning and quality control. Today, OLIS has original state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in all major areas of grain cleaning, flour and cereal production, which is confirmed by more than 30 patents in this area. The company manufactures about 200

“OLIS” is a special partner of the “Bread Industry-2024” forum

For the second time, OLIS LLC is supporting the specialized conference-exhibition “Bread Industry-2024” as a special partner. The event will begin on May 16-17 in the city of Cherkasy (“Pearl Resort” hotel and restaurant complex). The OLIS company produces and supplies about 200 items of equipment and original innovative modern technologies in all the main

🎉 “OLIS” LLC – 19 years old🎂

Dear colleagues and partners, on the occasion of our 19th anniversary, the “OLIS” team would like to express our sincere gratitude to each of you for your trust and fruitful cooperation during this time. Over all these years, we have designed and produced more than 200 types of equipment, which are used in more than

Participation in the Exhibition KAUNAS (LITHUANIA)

Grain cleaning equipment of the OLIS company is presented at the International Agricultural Exhibition Ką pasėsi 2024, which takes place in Kaunas (Lithuania) on March 21-23. We would like to thank our partners from the company Agrosistemos, which is the official dealer of the OLIS company on the Lithuanian market. Our company has been actively

World Flour Day!

Dear flour grinders! On the occasion of World Flour Day, OLIS would like to express our sincere thanks for your dedication and support in the field of grain processing. We are proud that, together with you, we contribute to the development of the flour milling industry and the provision of quality food products. Let this

Congratulations on March 8th!

Our dear women! On behalf of the OLIS company, we sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday – International Women’s Day! March 8 is a day when we celebrate the beauty, wisdom and invincible strength of women. May this day bring you joy, warmth and recognition of your irreplaceable role in the lives of

Launch of Horizon K-300A in Vinnytsia region

The Horizont K-300A grain-cleaning aggregate separator went into operation at the elevator in the Vinnytsia region. ☝️The OLIS company put into operation the sieve-air aggregated separator Horizon K-300A at one of the elevators in the Vinnytsia region. The aggregated solution was developed in order to simplify the installation work and ensure the most efficient operation

The OLIS company took part in the Agro Ukraine Summit-2024 on February 2

Just recovered from the Agro Ukraine Summit. This is probably the largest event in Ukrainian agribusiness and one of the most productive for the OLIS company. And here’s why: about 800 participants attended the forum five parallel conferences from No-till and Agrofinance to Smart Drying and AgroPROcessing 2024 more than 70 exhibitors more than 100

“OLIS” company will act as a Special Partner of the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT

The company’s mission is safe, effective, affordable technologies and machines for grain processing, which will provide wealth to mankind, profit to partners, and prosperity to the “OLIS” company! TODAY’S “OLIS”: It has original modern technologies and equipment in all main areas of grain cleaning, flour and groats production, which is confirmed by more than 30

The OLIS company is a special partner of AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT-2024

Our company acted as a special partner of the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT – the largest event that unites more than 1,000 representatives of the agricultural industry of Ukraine. We invite all those interested to join the participation and visit the stand of the OLIS company, where we will gladly discuss the latest solutions in finishing

Uncompromising cleaning

Magazine The Ukrainian Farmer №11 (167) 2023  In order to achieve the desired quality of grain cleaning, a reasonable choice of equipment helps to complete the task at an optimal cost. Medium-sized enterprises often build drying complexes instead of full-fledged elevators, and grain is stored in floor warehouses, hangars and plastic sleeves. This approach makes

The OLIS company on the forum “OWN ELEVATOR”

In Lviv, the two-day All-Ukrainian annual forum “OWN ELEVATOR: save, recycle, sell” concluded its work, which brought together leading experts in the elevator industry. Among the speakers, the participants gladly welcomed the representative of our company – the head of the research department of LLC “OLIS” Mykola Muzika. He gave a speech on the topic:

By the way…OLIS works

By the way… While one part of the team was engaged in promoting our company at international exhibitions and industry conferences in Ukraine, the other part was launching the equipment. In November, the specialists of our company put into operation the LUCH ZSO-200 drum separator at the grain cleaning complex in the Volyn region. The

The OLIS company congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays!

Dear partners! Please accept our sincere congratulations on the New Year and Merry Christmas! May these holidays be filled with bright hopes and faith in miracles, will bring prosperity, peace and well-being to your home! We wish you and your loved ones good health. May every minute of the coming year be filled with happiness!

Two universal grain workshops “OPTIMATIC K-15” started working in Ukraine

In March, OLIS commissioned two universal groats mills “OPTIMATIK K-15” in Sumy and Odesa regions. The cereal mills are designed to process wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet into cereals. The capacity of each plant is about 15 tonnes per day of grain processing and depends on the type of cereal produced. The groats mills

A universal cereal mill of OLIS LLC was put into operation in Kazakhstan

OLIS, a Ukrainian manufacturer of flour milling and cereal processing equipment, has launched a universal cereal mill Optimatik K-15 in Kazakhstan, which is designed to produce cereals from wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet. Additionally, the cereal shop was supplied with an aggregate UOK-2 cereal enrichment unit. The plant’s capacity is about 15 tonnes per

The Terra company is 20 years old – OLIS LLC congratulates its partners

Congratulations from Terra happy 20th anniversary 20 years is a significant date! That’s how old our friends and partners, Terra, are today! On 18 May, our company, represented by General Director Alexander Pavlovich Vereshchinsky and Commercial Director Vladimir Ivanovich Cheglatonev, congratulated Terra on its anniversary and personally wished prosperity, high results, new labour and personal

Presentation of OLIS grain cleaning equipment within the Field Day at TM VILIA

On 20 June, our friends and partners Volyn-Zerno-Product will have an important event – Field Day!  The Field Day, which took place in Lutsk, was a truly large-scale agricultural event that brought together more than 600 people. The main role of this kind of event is to introduce farmers, agricultural professionals, extension workers, end users

Drum separator LUCH ZSO – the optimal solution for cleaning a new crop

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, as of 30 July this year, Ukrainian farmers harvested 22.4 million tonnes of early grains and pulses. In addition, the Ministry reports that winter rapeseed harvesting is nearing completion, with 2.4 million tonnes harvested from 95% of the area. At the same time, grain

Field Day Kobzarenko Plant LLC

On 14 September, our friends and partners of Kobzarenko Plant LLC celebrated the Field Day 2018 and the 25th anniversary of the company! The celebration took place on the territory of the plant (Sumy region, Lipova Dolyna), which brought together about 70 foreign partners and 400 Ukrainian farmers. Our company participated in this event. All

Congratulations on your professional holiday – Mechanical Engineer’s Day

Dear friends and colleagues! The team of OLIS LLC congratulates you on your professional holiday – Machine Builder’s Day! Thank you for your high professionalism and experience, which allows us to look to the future with confidence, expect an increase in production and further growth of the research and production potential. Thank you for your

Congratulations from OLIS on Agricultural Workers’ Day

OLIS LLC congratulates all agricultural and processing workers on their professional holiday! “Bread is the head of all things!” people say. And we can say with full confidence that the basis for the successful solution of the agricultural sector’s problems is your high professionalism, love and dedication to your chosen business, and loyalty to glorious

State-of-the-art grain cleaning equipment is the key to efficient elevator operation

In today’s business environment, a significant portion of grain is delivered to elevators directly from the field, which significantly expands the requirements for cleaning technology and techniques. The perfection and reliability of grain cleaning ensures the efficient performance of all subsequent transport and technological operations: drying, storage, reloading and generally determines the operation of the

OLIS LLC became a partner at the Elevator Plus conference

This is a small report on our participation in the Elevator Plus conference, which is already traditional for such events. We start with the numbers – they are the most eloquent: In 2018, agricultural products accounted for almost 39.8% of Ukraine’s total exports and retain leadership in its commodity structure. Record volumes of agricultural exports

Easter greetings from the OLIS team!

We congratulate you on Happy Easter! We wish you peace, kindness, love, peace of mind and prosperity! May your hearth always be warmed by love, loved ones will be there, all expectations will be met, and your cherished dreams and desires will definitely come true! Christ is Risen! Sincerely, the team of the company OLIS

The OLIS company is a partner of the seminar “The Practice of Implementing HACCP in Elevators”

A seminar entitled “HACCP Implementation Practices at Grain Elevators and Grain Processing Companies” was held in Mykolaiv. The event was organised by the industry magazine Grain Storage and Processing. The seminar programme included five modules, during which participants received the most comprehensive information on the legal framework and practical recommendations for implementing the HACCP system

OLIS at the AGRO-2019 exhibition

On 4-7 June, one of the largest agricultural events in Ukraine, Agro-2019, took place at the National Expocentre of Ukraine in Kyiv. More than 1,000 companies presented a variety of products for both successful farming and agricultural processing. At the stand of OLIS LLC were presented:     Universal groats mill Optimatik-K-15; Grain separator LUCH

Cleaning early grains

Months of hard work in the field end with the harvest of early grain crops across the country. In this regard, the OLIS service department is on the road every day to launch and adjust grain separators that will clean the harvested crop. After all, from the moment of harvesting to processing into finished products,

Results of OLIS LLC’s participation in the AGROEXPO-2019 exhibition in Kropyvnytskyi

The VII International Agro-Industrial Exhibition with a field demonstration of equipment AGROEXPO-2019, which took place from 25 to 28 September in Kropyvnytskyi, was attended by 585 exhibiting companies, including OLIS LLC. Olice’s stand featured: Grain cleaning separator Luch ZSO-75 is designed for preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning of all types of grain crops; Plate sieve

OLIS launches new oat processing plant in Dnipro region

Olis has commissioned an oat processing plant in the Dnipro region. This information was shared by Vladimir Cheglatonev, Commercial Director of OLIS LLC, in an exclusive commentary at the Grain Processors Forum 2019. This plant has a capacity of 60 tonnes per day for processing oats into groats and 32 tonnes per day for producing

OLIS took part in the AgroComplex-2019 exhibition

Kyiv hosted the international exhibition AgroComplex 2019, organised by Kyiv International Contract Fair LLC. “Agrocomplex is an international exhibition of effective solutions for the agricultural business, which presents a wide range of advanced technologies to improve the competitiveness of production in accordance with international standards. This exhibition brings together and presents the results of the

Congratulations on Agricultural Worker’s Day!

Congratulations on the professional holiday to everyone who is involved in Ukrainian agriculture! You are the creators of wealth, and may good fortune always smile upon you in everything, and the weather and nature help you in your work! Many thanks for your daily work. Be healthy and let your work be a pleasure, and

Optimatic K-15 Universal Grinding Mill was launched in Khmelnytsky region

Company “OLIS” in October 2020 in Khmelnitsky region. put into operation universal groat mill “Optimatik K-15”. The capacity of the plant, depending on the raw material, is from 9.6 to 19.2 tonnes per day and allows to produce wheat, barley, pearl, pea, corn and millet groats. Optimatik K-15. Aggregate universal groat shop is supplied on

Four largest LUCH ZSO-300 drum separators are installed at Kerenel’s Starokonstantinivske MEZ

Four largest LUCH ZSO-300 drum separators are installed at Kerenel’s Starokonstantinivske MEZ In September this year. company “OLIS” (Odessa) carried out the launch of four grain-cleaning separators of drum type LUCH ZSO-300 at Starokonstantinovsk oil extraction plant.omoil extraction plantomee of Kernel company (Khmelnytskyi oblast).), this was reported by the press service of the company “OLIS”

In Khmelnitsky region mounted and put into operation grain cleaning separator drum type LUCH ZSO-200 and scalperator SKO-100

✅ Scalperator SKO is designed for pre-cleaning – removal of coarse impurities and debris from grain. It is used at elevators and currents. ✅ Separator “LUCH” ZSO (drum type) is designed for cleaning grain of agricultural crops from large, small and light impurities at mechanised currents, elevators, grain processing plants and other grain processing facilities.

Grain crop processing: Optimatik-K-15

We present to your attention the launch of Universal Grinding Mill “Optimatik-K-15” in Zhytomyr region. The given equipment is intended for reception of high-quality cereals from grain and leguminous cultures (wheat, rye, barley, peas, corn, millet, chickpeas, lentils), having passed preliminary clearing from impurities. The enterprise in Zhytomyr region is engaged in cultivation of grain

The new CEO of OLIS Ltd.

Dear partners! At the beginning of January 2020 in our company there were personnel changes. Alexander Yuryevich Maksimenko was appointed as the new General Director of OLIS LLC. In 1997, Oleksandr Yurievich graduated from the Odessa University of Economics, after which he worked for a long time in managerial positions related to economics and business

About the latest grain cleaning products at the II Elevator 2020 Forum

The latest grain cleaning products – the key to efficient grain elevator operation. In modern economic conditions a significant part of grain gets to elevators directly from the field, which significantly expands the requirements for technology and cleaning techniques. Perfection and reliability of cleaning of grain provides effective performance of all subsequent transport-technological operations: drying,

Results of OLIS participation in the “Elevator Plus” conference

Last week the conference “Elevator Plus. Efficient Grain Storage 2020”, organised by The Ukrainian Farmer magazine, AGP Group company. Our company has been a partner of this conference for many years. A number of important issues were raised throughout the day by experts in the grain elevator industry, such as: Current state and tendencies of

Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the Victory!

We congratulate you on this bright, great and solemn holiday for all of us! May the skies above your heads always be peaceful, let nothing disturb the peaceful sleep of our children. Be well and thankful to those who, in a terrible time. defended the peace and independence of our people! With respect, Collective of

Happy 8th of March, dear women!

Our lovely ladies, we wish you a very happy 8th of March! May this spring bring you incredible happiness in life and overwhelming success, may such beautiful women there will be no obstacles to achieving goals and making wishes come true. We wish you to live with joy in your soul, with love in your

Happy Easter!

Dear friends! The bright day of the Great Easter – the Holy Resurrection – is approaching. We hasten to congratulate you on this joyous occasion and we wish you a peaceful sky above your head, peace of mind and family warmth! With love, the team of LLC “OLIS”

Launch of the PCP-100 in Chernihiv region

The second grain flat-lattice separator PSO-100 has already been installed at the enterprise in Chernigov region. Our service department has carried out start-up and adjustment of cleaning equipment, this enterprise is ready for the season of cleaning late grain crops! Remind that sieve separator PSO-100 sorts and cleans grain crops from impurities, which differ from

Launch of LUCH ZDF-75 in Poltava region

Our service has installed equipment for grain cleaning at the enterprise “Shchedra Zemlya” in Poltava region. Specialists of the plant mounted and launched separator model “Luch ZSO-75”. The capacity of this separator on preliminary cleaning is 75 tonnes/hour, on primary cleaning – 50 tonnes/hour. The given model of separator of drum type allows quickly and

Results of participation in Grain Technologies!

From 16 to 18 February this year the company “OLIS” took part in the exhibition “Grain Technologies 2021”. . And, probably, as well as the majority of exhibitors, the decision to participate was difficult. The reasons are clear to everyone and we will not dwell on them. Having talked to dozens of market players, clients

OLIS – saves you money When you buy our equipment from – 25% reimbursement!

OLIS LLC became a participant of the State Programme on reimbursement of the cost of new agricultural equipment produced in Ukraine. Legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs, the main activity of which is the supply of agricultural goods (as defined in paragraph 2.15 of Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Support

Launch of grain cleaning equipment in Lviv region!

Regardless of the circumstances, we work! The company “OLIS” continues to work. Last week our specialists, at the elevator in Lviv region, put into operation a drum type grain separator LUCH ZSO-150. For more details about Luch ZSO separators ☝ To order grain cleaning, cereal, flour milling and laboratory equipment please call: +38 (067) 822-85-58.

Conference Development despite the war: grain and processing

😎 OLYS LLC team at the two-day specialized agricultural event – conference Development despite the war: grain and processing, which will take place on November 23-24 in Rivne. We present our laboratory equipment to the participants🔬 we answer the question🤓 we communicate with friends and partners 🤗 One of the pleasant ones was the meeting

Agritechnica 2023: the OLIS company presents its new products

The leading world exhibition of agricultural machinery Agritechnica 2023 has started its work (Germany, Hanover). The OLIS company, Ukraine’s leading manufacturer of equipment for cleaning grain and processing it into flour and groats, welcomes visitors to the exhibition at its stand 06G45 in pavilion #6. The company’s exposition is represented by the following equipment: Grain

The OLIS company took part in the “No-till Laboratory” conference

On November 8, the OLIS company took part in the “No-till Laboratory” conference, organized by Mykhailo Draganchuk – a farmer who has been working with No-till technology since 2006 and teaches it to other farmers. The participation of our company in the conference is very important for its participants. After all, the No-till technology, in

OLIS invites you to the exhibition AGRITECHNICA – 2023

From November 12 to 18, 2023, we invite you to visit the OLIS stand at the world’s leading agricultural machinery exhibition AGRITECHNICA – 2023, which will be held in Hanover, Germany. The exhibition is the most anticipated in the last 4 years because it was canceled in 2021 due to COVID. So the number of

The OLIS company delivered the LUCH ZSO-50 grain separator to Estonia

The OLIS company successfully fulfilled the contract for the supply of the LUCH ZSO-50 drum separator to Estonia. The separator is designed for cleaning grain of agricultural crops from large, small, and light impurities at grain cleaning complexes, elevators, and other grain processing facilities. “Our company is a leader in the grain cleaning equipment market

Launch of LUCH ZSO-200 and Horizon-K-400 separators in Kharkiv region.

At the elevator in the Kharkiv region, the specialists of the OLIS company launched the LUCH ZSO-200 and Horizont-K-400 separators. The use of two separators – drum and flat screen type – significantly expands the capabilities of the grain cleaning line and increases the efficiency of grain cleaning. So you can combine different cleaning schemes.

MHP launched an elevator with a grain cleaning separator Horizont K-300

MHP, one of the largest agro-industrial holdings in Ukraine, announced the launch of a new elevator in the Lviv region, which has modern equipment for cleaning, drying and storing grain, the portal reported with reference to the press service of MHP. In particular, the grain cleaning separator Horizont K-300, manufactured by the OLIS company,

The international congress IAOM Eurasia 2023

The OLIS company, as part of the delegation of the Union of Flour Mills of Ukraine, took part in the international congress IAOM Eurasia 2023, which was held on August 31 – September 1 under the auspices of the International Association of Flour Mills (IAOM). “It was a great opportunity for us to get acquainted

Launch of PSO-100 and PSO-3.5 in Kyiv region

Recently, the OLIS company successfully installed and put into operation the PSO-100 air-sieve separator and the SPS-3.5 pneumatic sorting table at one of the seed complexes of the Kyiv region. This is a set of equipment for the preparation of seed material, which allows you to effectively remove various impurities from the grain according to

We congratulate everyone on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

This day is a symbol of our dignity, sovereignty, and unity. We are proud of our history, our culture, and our achievements. We are grateful to everyone who fought and is fighting for our freedom and peace. We dream and are sure that Ukraine will become a strong, democratic, and prosperous country. We wish all

Participation in the Conference and Exhibition “Bread Industry – 2023”

❗️Friends, on August 17-18, our company took part in the Conference-Exhibition “Bread Industry – 2023” (Vinnytsia) and presented the line of OLISLAB laboratory equipment. 👉 In particular, our stand presented: Drying cabinet OLISLAB 4200 (OL-36); OlisLab 4300 drying oven (Chyzhova device); Laboratory mill OlisLab 2200; Laboratory diffuser OLISLAB 1100; OlisLab 6100 laboratory dough mixer; OlisLab

The grain cleaning equipment has been updated at the elevator of the Skvyrsky KHP

Modernization of grain cleaning equipment was carried out at the harvesting elevator of the Skvyrsk bakery plant – the company’s press service reports. As noted in the message, in June, the company modernized the grain cleaning equipment at the elevator. The existing grain separators were dismantled and a modern flat screen separator Horizont K-300 manufactured

OLIS took part in the UKAB AGROTECHNOLOGY event

On August 2, the OLIS company took part in the UKAB AGROTECHNOLOGY event (Continental Farmers Group, Lviv region). 👉In the framework of a one-day field event of a national scale, the following was presented: demonstration of machinery and agricultural technologies in field conditions; exhibition zone of static expositions, novelties of technology, resources, precision farming systems;

Separator LUCH ZSO-75 on an elevator in Bulgaria

A grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO-75 of the OLIS company was installed at an elevator in Bulgaria. The productivity of the separator is up to 50 t/h for primary cleaning. “LUCH ZSO drum separators are a universal and effective solution for grain cleaning at elevators, mills and farms. The equipment has been manufactured and modernized

“KERAM” LLC launched a universal KRUPOTSEKH in the Vinnytsia Region

In the Vinnytsia region (Gaysinsky District), LLC “KERAM” built and put into operation the OPTIMATIK K-15 universal granulator, as stated in the message of the OLIS company. As reported by “OLIS” LLC, the OPTIMATIK K-15 aggregate universal grain mill has a productivity of up to 15 t/day and is designed for processing wheat, barley, peas,

Launch of LUCH ZSO-150 in Vinnytsia region

When the week ends like this, you realize that you worked for a reason! The OLYS company has successfully launched the LUCH ZSO-150 drum separator at the grain cleaning complex (ZAV) in the Vinnytsia region. The productivity of the primary cleaning line is 100 t/h. Due to its high productivity, effective cleaning of wet and

Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Dear customers and partners! The OLIS company congratulates you on the Constitution Day of Ukraine – a holiday that symbolizes state sovereignty, democratic values ​​and citizens’ rights. We are proud to work in the Ukrainian market, contributing to the development of agriculture, economy and innovation. We are grateful for your trust, support and cooperation, which


Dear farmers, we congratulate you on the holiday! You are the real heroes of our country who work hard and dedicatedly to provide us with food and products. Your work is not only business but also art, which requires love for the earth and nature. We wish you good health, success in work, prosperity, and

The LUCH ZSO-200A was shipped to Cherkasy

A good end to the working week – the LUCH ZSO-200A aggregated drum-type separator was shipped to the customer from Cherkasy. OLIS – WORKS!!! WITH UKRAINE IN THE HEART!!!

Launch of Horizont K-400 grain separator in Moldova

The OLIS company successfully launched the Horizont K-400 grain cleaning separator at an elevator in Moldova. The productivity of the separator is 160 t/h. The delivery set includes: closed cycle air separator VSZ-160, installed in front of the sieve body, two aspiration columns KAO-1,3, installed after the sieve body, aspiration system, control panel. Thanks to

In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, a grain cleaning complex based on the LUCH ZSO separator has become operational!

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, a grain cleaning complex for the finishing of grain and oil crops has started its work. For grain cleaning, a LUCH ZSO-200 drum-type grain separator manufactured by the OLIS company was installed. Productivity of the complex for primary cleaning is up to 150 t/h (depending on the culture and its quality). Specialists of the OLIS company carried out a full

Our company has successfully shipped a grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO-200A

We are pleased to announce that our company has successfully shipped the LUCH ZSO-200A grain cleaning separator to our customer. The delivery package of LUCH ZSO-200A includes: sieve drum separator LUCH ZSO-200; an air separator with a closed air cycle of the VSZ; UTC cyclone with sluice gate and drive; fan; air ducts; control panel;

We invite you to the Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023!

Colleagues, we invite you to the Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023 on June 2. We will present our updated laboratory equipment and we will also be happy to talk with you about all topics of cleaning and grain processing. See you soon!…olis For detailed information, please contact OUR sales department by phone NUMBER: ☎ +38 (096)

OLISLAB is an updated line of laboratory equipment of the “OLIS” company!

In 2022, the company “OLIS” (TOV “OLIS”, Odesa) carried out an extensive modernization of the entire line of laboratory equipment for quality control of grain, flour, cereals, compound feed and other grain products. All equipment will now be produced under the «OLISLAB» brand. As a result of the modernization, its operational characteristics were improved, the design was updated, the technical documentation and

Happy Easter!

We wish you a happy Easter! ❁❁❁ May this day bring you joy, hope and peace. May your life be filled with love, kindness and blessings. May the Lord protect you and your family from all evil. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!   For detailed information, please contact OUR sales department by phone NUMBER:

The LUCH ZSO-150A aggregate separator and the SKO-100 scalper were put into operation at the elevator in the Vinnytsia region.

At the beginning of April, at the grain cleaning complex in the Vinnytsia region, the company “OLIS” put into operation the aggregated grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO-150A and scalper SKO-100. The cleaning line is designed in such a way to ensure the most effective grain cleaning. Namely, the SKO-100 scalper is installed for preliminary cleaning of grain from large impurities and garbage,

Today we are 18 years old!!!

Dear friends, partners, clients! On this blooming day, our company “OLIS” turned 18 years old. This is an important event for us, our customers and partners. During this time, we have achieved many successes in the field of production and supply of equipment for grain cleaning and processing, as well as laboratory equipment for quality control of grain and flour.

OLYS grain cleaning equipment presented at an exhibition in Lithuania!

Last week, our dealer – компания UAB Agrosistemos – presented OLIS grain separators s part of the largest exhibition in the Baltic region Ka pasesi 2023. The exhibition took place on 30.03.2023 – 01.04.2023 in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania.. Last week, our dealer – компания UAB Agrosistemos – presented OLIS grain separators s part of the largest exhibition in the Baltic region Ka pasesi 2023. The exhibition took place on

Good end of the working week!

☑ Today we are shipping the Horizont K-400A grain cleaning aggregate separator for an agricultural holding. This set includes: Horizon K-400 separator directly; Air separator of the closed cycle VSZ, which is installed in front of the sieve body; Air separator of the closed cycle of the VSZM, which is installed after the sieve body; Aspiration system; Control

In the Khmelnytskyi region, the Horizont K-250 flat screen separator was put into operation

At the elevator in the Khmelnytskyi region, he OLYS company put into operation the Horizont K-250 flat screen grain cleaning separator with the KAO aspiration column. The productivity of the separator for primary cleaning is 80 t/h. Specialists of our company carried out a full set of commissioning works and training of personnel on the operation and maintenance of the separator.

Congratulations on the holiday of March 8

???? Dear women! It is you who inspire us for noble deeds, every day you give us love, care, peace of mind and comfort. We are sure that difficulties and problems will pass and nothing will mar your smile, and only tears of joy will be seen in your eyes. ???? A low bow to you from all

4 conferences in one day, OR how we participated in Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR

On February 17, 2023, OLIS” company took part in Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR-2022, where our company was a Special Partner. This event is one of the biggest in Ukraine and includes four industry conferences: Trading and Logistics Grain storage Processing Bioenergy Participation in the conference was attended by over 500 representatives of agribusiness, who discussed current issues and opportunities for the

Another universal groats mill “Optimatic-K-15” has been launched in Ukraine

At the end of January 2023, in the Kyiv region (Borispol district), the OLIS company commissioned the aggregate universal groats mill Optimatic K-15. “Under the current conditions, when there are difficulties with grain logistics, the price of raw materials, as well as its rather large balances, processing remains one of the priority areas for careful use of grain.

OLIS Ltd: we are working Non-Stop in 2023

✔ Dear our partners and customers, for uninterrupted production of grain cleaning, grain processing and laboratory equipment, our company has purchased a powerful generator. ✔ “We purchased a very powerful generator, which is able to provide electricity to all our production facilities and the administrative building. Thanks to this, we will avoid downtime due to power outages

Separator LUCH ZSO-200A at the elevator complex in the Ternopil region

The new year is coming soon, and the equipment launches don’t stop. Specialists of the company OLIS have just completed commissioning of the drum-type grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO-200A at the elevator complex in the Ternopil region. The separator LUCH ZSO-200A is a new modification of the basic separator LUCH ZSO in an aggregated version. The grain

All-Ukrainian practical forum ‘OWN ELEVATOR’

Today the OLIS team takes part in the All-Ukrainian practical forum ‘OWN ELEVATOR’ (‘VLASNYI ELEVATOR’), which takes place in Lviv! The annual large-scale forum has already become a traditional professional platform for farmers seeking to develop their field of storage and processing of grain and industrial crops, trying to improve the performance of existing elevators, expand their capacities or

Separator LUCH ZSO-150 at a grain cleaning complex in the Ternopil region

New week – new launch! This time, the OLIS company launched the LUCH ZSO-150 drum-type grain cleaning separator at the grain cleaning complex in the Ternopil region. Productivity of the complex for preliminary cleaning of grain is up to 100 tons/hour. OLIS specialists performed a full range of commissioning works and trained personnel. Recall that

Congratulations on your professional holiday

Dear agricultural workers, all the OLIS team congratulate you on your professional holiday! This year, you once again proved your professionalism and inflexibility, because despite all the difficulties and dangers, you managed to harvest crops, carry out sowing work in order to further ensure food security of our country. We wish everyone a speedy victory

Large-scale Ok-Agro conference in Kyiv

Our agribusiness is invincible! Even under bombardment and in the absence of light, TOP entrepreneurs, heads of agricultural companies and specialists of agricultural holdings gathered today in Kiev for the large-scale Оk-agro conference. Of course, we could not miss this event too and the chance to meet colleagues and partners! During the day the business
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