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Grain cleaning

Why is it necessary to clean grain?

Grain cleaning is the most important stage in preparing grain for storage and further processing. The need for grain cleaning is due to the fact that after harvesting, the grain mass has high moisture content and contamination, low flowability and porosity, which

– reduces its storage capacity due to the threat of self-heating;

– reduces the bulk density of grain, i.e. reduces the amount of grain that can fit in a certain volume of a warehouse, hold, bunker, grain truck or any other container;

– affects the yield and quality of food products made from grain.

Such grain must be cleaned immediately and dried if necessary.

All impurities contained in grain are divided into weed and grain. Weed impurities include seeds of all weeds, impurities of mineral and organic origin, significantly deteriorated grains of the main crop, and metal impurities. Harmful impurities that may adversely affect human and animal health are separately identified and classified as weeds. Grain containing harmful impurities is not permitted for use for food purposes. Grain impurities include kernels of other grain crops, damaged kernels of the main crop, small, underdeveloped, sprouted and heat-damaged kernels, and in some cases kernels that differ in colour.

Impurities are undesirable components of grain, so their content, depending on the type and purpose of grain, is limited by state standards, recommended by the rules for organising and conducting various technological processing processes, or set by the parties during delivery.

Technological features of grain cleaning

Grain cleaning can be classified into:

In turn, post-harvest grain cleaning consists of preliminary and primary cleaning.

The purpose of preliminary cleaning is to remove coarse, coarse, fine and light impurities, or some of them, depending on the further use of the grain. During preliminary cleaning of the grain mass, dry but highly contaminated grain mass with an impurity content of more than 10% is cleaned, and wet impurities are removed, which ensures its temporary storage before drying and the acquisition of flowability, which is necessary for the effective implementation of the primary cleaning stage.

The purpose of primary cleaning is to bring the content of impurities in grain to a level that meets the requirements of state standards or other requirements for its supply to grain processing plants. At this stage, dry grain with a content of light, coarse and fine impurities within 3-10% is subject to cleaning.

Post-harvest cleaning can be carried out using the flow technology, when both preliminary and primary cleaning are carried out. This technology is usually implemented at elevators and large farms and helps to reduce grain damage and losses, but requires the installation of appropriate processing equipment.

In small agricultural enterprises, post-harvest grain cleaning can be carried out in 2 stages, when preliminary processing of the grain mass is carried out during the harvesting period, and further cleaning – in the post-harvest period. Such an organisation of work requires additional labour resources, is inefficient, and damages grain, so more and more agricultural enterprises, even those with low productivity, are switching to inline technology.

In general, the process of cleaning grain from various types of impurities is called separation, and the machines used to implement it are called separators.

Grain cleaning equipment

Our company offers the following equipment to implement various grain cleaning methods:

Drum separators and scalpers – Grain drum separator LUCH ZSO; Scalpers SKO

Flat sieve separators – GORIZONT-K; Grain separator PSO-100

Air separators – Air separators VSZ; Air separators VSZM; Air separator SVO-1

Aspiration columns – Aspiration columns AKL; Aspiration columns CAO; Aspiration column AK

Triers – TCC pupa selector trier; TCO seed selector trier

Vibratory pneumatic separators – Stone separators OMP; Pneumatic sorting table SPS

Magnetic separators – Magnetic separator BMPO

Farms, elevators, grain processing plants and seed factories in Ukraine can buy high-quality grain cleaning equipment by contacting our company, Olis. We have been manufacturing separators, trippers, pneumatic sorting tables and stone removers for many years, so we can offer the most reliable machines at affordable prices.

The site contains a description, technical characteristics and features of the technological equipment offered to the customer. We hope that this information will be the basis for your decision to choose our process equipment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will advise you, together we will select the technological equipment that will be most effective and useful for your company.