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Flour Production

Product range

The processing of wheat and rye produces varietal and wholemeal flour, bran, feed and non-feed waste.

Flour is one of the most important components of the human diet. Its importance as a food product is determined by its nutritional value, technological properties and wide range of uses. The annual volume of flour produced in Ukraine is sufficient to meet the needs of the baking, pasta and confectionery industries, retail, catering and state reserves.

Bran, a by-product of flour production, is used for both food and feed purposes in the preparation of animal and poultry feed.

The modern technology for processing grain into varietal flour is very complex, involving a sophisticated multi-stage structure and a large number of different processing and transport equipment.

The purchase of flour production equipment requires significant capital investment, but it is a profitable business, as flour and products made from it are the basis of the diet of the majority of the world’s population.

Technological features of flour milling

A modern flour mill can be divided into 3 departments:

Preparatory or grain cleaning – which carries out technological operations of cleaning grain from foreign impurities, cleaning the grain surface with the help of hulling machines or hullers, preparing grain by means of moisture and heat treatment and forming milling batches, and controlling waste.

Grinding department – where the process of grinding cleaned and prepared grain is carried out. In the production of varietal flour, it consists of 7 stages: primary grinding or groat formation, sorting of intermediate products, enrichment of intermediate products on sieve machines, grinding of intermediate products, fine grinding of enriched intermediate products, grinding of shell products, and flour control.

Packing compartment – designed for bulk storage of flour, mixing and packing flour into bags or sacks.

Technological equipment for flour production

Our company offers the following equipment for various technological operations in flour production:

Grain heating – Grain heater software

Cleaning – Grain separators PSO, Sieve separators GORIZONT-K, Stone separators OMP, Trier-pupa separator TKK, Trier-seed separator TСO; Air separator (aspirator) ASO ; Aspiration column AK; Magnetic separator BMPO

Humidification – Intensive humidification machine MIU-3

Surface cleaning – Upholstery machines MBO-3/6; MAO-3/6

Peeling – Debrander Cascade

Grinding – VSM roller mill

Additional grinding – Entoleator-dismembrator ESM-1.5

Sorting – Flour sifter RMO-4

Grinding of shell products – Milling machine MVM

The site provides a description, technical characteristics and features of the technological equipment offered to the customer. We hope that this information will be the basis for your decision to choose our equipment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will advise you, together we will select the technological equipment that will be most effective and useful for your company.