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Warranty and post-warranty service

The company OLIS manufactures and supplies more than 250 types of equipment for cleaning and processing grain into flour, groats and flakes, as well as devices for determining the quality of grain and finished products. Accordingly, we provide a full package of warranty and post-warranty service for all supplied equipment.

During warranty period, our company provides free repair or replacement of defective components or equipment in accordance with the terms of warranty service. Equipment warranty is established depending on the type of equipment and the terms of its purchase. In case of warranty repair, warranty period is extended for repair duration.

Due to the company’s stock of spare parts and components, we can provide warranty service in the shortest possible time with the help of our own services or provide necessary spare parts (components) to the customer for independent replacement (provided necessary qualifications of the customer’s employees).

Post-warranty service

We understand the importance of uninterrupted equipment operation, especially during the harvest season. Therefore, our service specialists are ready 24/7 to provide post-warranty and after-sales service of equipment in the shortest possible time to ensure stable operation of the grain cleaning complex, flour mill or groats mill. Thus, it provides a full range of necessary post-warranty maintenance works:

  • diagnosis and repair of faulty equipment
  • preventive and regulatory works
  • provision of components and spare parts
  • post-repair start-up and adjustment works
  • test verification of measurement accuracy (for laboratory equipment)

It should be noted that over many years of work, the company OLIS has established itself as a responsible and reliable manufacturer of grain cleaning and processing equipment. We always try to help solve customer’s problems arising from operation of our equipment.

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