TSO transporter –a type of transport equipment that is used to move grain, its processed products, feed at grain processing plants, elevators, mills, feed mills, cereal and other enterprises where grain is received, stored and processed product. The TSO conveyor carries cargo at an angle of up to 20 degrees to the horizon, and can operate in the reverse direction, that is, transport cargo in both directions. The required load moves horizontally due to the movement of the scrapers, which move along a chain along the conveyor box. The TSO conveyor can consist of standard boxes 1.5-2 m long. The TSO conveyor is easy to maintain and easy to set up. The TSO conveyor produced by the OLIS company has wear resistance, a simple design, easy to use, durable components, and minimal dimensions. The reliability of the TCO conveyor is confirmed by positive customer reviews and a long period of use.