In order to determine the quality of grain for the purpose of its use in a certain area (for example, making flour), it must undergo a quality test. At grain processing enterprises, such characteristics of grain as broadness, amount of gluten, coarseness, glassiness, and contamination are determined. An accurate assessment of grain quality can be made using laboratory equipment. Modern laboratory equipment for grainproducts “OLIS” is a set of measuring equipment with which various parameters of the grain product are determined. Laboratory equipment includes a laboratory mill LMT for measuring laboratory samples of grain and products of their processing, grain sample dividers DPZ for dividing grain into equal parts, a manual press PROM for obtaining oil samples, a drying oven SESH-3MU for drying grain, grain products, legume and oilseed seeds and much more. Laboratory equipment of the OLIS company ensures the efficiency of technological processes for processing, cleaning and storing grain, which is a success in the agricultural sector.