▷ Scraper conveyor - design, principle of operation, types

Scraper Conveyor

The reliability and performance of transport equipment determine the efficiency of a modern enterprise for the processing and transportation of bulk products. The Scraper conveyor is an integral part of conveyor lines. The OLIS company designs and produces scraper conveyors which are used to move various grain crops and their processed products. With the help of scrapers moving along a chain along the box in a horizontal direction, the scraper conveyor moves the required load.
The TCO scraper conveyor produced by OLIS has a number of advantages over transport equipment from other manufacturers, such as strength and wear resistance of components, ease of use, minimal weight, dimensions, efficiency and high productivity. We offer you high-tech and durable TCO scraper conveyors, the quality of which will justify itself over years of operation. If you need to carry out horizontal transportation or move cargo at an angle of up to 20 degrees to the horizon, then You should purchase a TSO scraper conveyor manufactured by the OLIS company.