According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, as of 30 July this year, Ukrainian farmers harvested 22.4 million tonnes of early grains and pulses. In addition, the Ministry reports that winter rapeseed harvesting is nearing completion, with 2.4 million tonnes harvested from 95% of the area.

At the same time, grain procurement companies report receiving grain with high moisture content and impurities, which complicates its post-harvest processing: sieves clog, and the productivity of separators and grain dryers decreases.

According to OLIS customers, the way out of this situation is to use LUCH ZSO drum-type separators. This type of grain cleaning equipment effectively cleans wet and heavily contaminated grain. At the same time, the separator can perform three functions simultaneously: cleaning from light impurities, large debris (working as a scalper) and acting as a calibrator.

“LUCH ZSO separators are installed at many elevators in Ukraine and abroad. They have proved to be very effective in cleaning wet grain with a high content of debris and in calibrating seed material. In the last month alone, we have supplied separators to Ternopil, Mykolaiv, Volyn, Kyiv, Khmelnytsky and Zaporizhzhia regions,” says Vladimir Cheglatonev, Commercial Director of OLIS LLC.

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