In March, OLIS commissioned two universal groats mills “OPTIMATIK K-15” in Sumy and Odesa regions. The cereal mills are designed to process wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet into cereals. The capacity of each plant is about 15 tonnes per day of grain processing and depends on the type of cereal produced. The groats mills operate in an automatic mode. An operator controls the operation from a central control panel.

The installation of small universal cereal mills allows us to provide the local population with high-quality cereals at the regional district level. As a rule, they are installed in remote areas, where the delivery of industrially produced flour and cereals is practically impossible due to the large transport distance. Therefore, the only way out is to launch our own production on the basis of universal mini-cereal mills,” said Vladimir Cheglatonev, Commercial Director of OLIS LLC.

V. Cheglatonev also added that the design and equipment of the cereal mill ensures that the output and quality of cereals (wheat, barley, pearl barley, peas, corn and millet) meet the requirements of current standards, which allows us to confidently meet the needs of the modern market.

“The OPTIMATIC K-15 plant was delivered with a supporting metal structure, stairs and a service platform, hoppers, an aspiration system, a pneumatic transport system, an electrical part and automation. During the manufacturing process, the groats mill underwent a stage of control assembly at the enterprise. This allowed the plant to be installed and put into operation on site within three days. At the same time, additional work on cutting, welding and metal processing at the assembly site was completely excluded,” says Roman Savich, Project Manager of OLIS LLC.

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