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Kazakhstan: a buckwheat processing plant started its operation in Petropavlovsk

In the Republic of Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk), a workshop for processing buckwheat, as well as other grain crops was put into operation.

Thus, “RakhatOpt LLP” installed a multipurpose groat milling plant for processing wheat, barley, pea, corn and millet grains as well as a buckwheat processing plant for Ukrainian buckwheat, produced by OLIS Ltd. (Odessa).

“We started cooperation with “RakhatOpt LLP” Company last year, within the framework of which we supplied our Optimatik K-15 multipurpose groat milling plant with a groat enrichment unit. And this year, we’ve supplied them with our multipurpose buckwheat processing plant “Optimak-G-24” with a capacity of 24 tons per day, “notes Vladimir Cheglatonev, the Commercial Director of OLIS Ltd..

Also, V. Cheglatonev added that the buckwheat processing plant had been supplied in a single package with metal structures, electrical parts, automation, aspiration and gravity equipment. He specified as well, that beforehand – prior to the dispatch to the customer – a control assembly of the equipment had been carried out in our production. This allowed mounting and starting the buckwheat processing plant in the shortest possible time.

We have our own milling production and experience in sales of groats. After studying the market and selecting the most popular types of products, we decided to purchase a production room and equipment for grain cleaning and processing, and produce buckwheat, pearl, barley, pea, millet as well as wheat groats. For the local farmers it’s more profitable and less expensive to sell, for example, buckwheat and wheat in the region. And for consumers, the price of groats will be lower,” said Akif Veliyev, the Head of the Company.


“RakhatOpt LLP” LLP is planning to produce about 25 tons of finished products in a day. It will be distributed in the North-Kazakhstan region and beyond. This year, the company is planning to open its branches in several cities and towns of Kazakhstan.

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