OLIS has launched a 36-tons-per-day at processing plant with a line of flakes, with production capacity of 18 tons per day, for Vertex-Vostok LLP in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk..

“Vertex Vostok” LLP is a cereal food manufacturing factory. The company has a strong lead in groat processing in Kazakhstan due to its output products that meet all the world-class quality standards.

 On premises of the above mentioned enterprise, Optimatik-K-15 multipurpose milling plant and UOK-2 aggregate unit for groat enrichment were launched by OLIS Company in 2016. Vertex Vostok LLP is very satisfied with the production capacity, mobility and ease of maintenance of the equipment.
 According to the head and owner of the plant, no one produces oats in Kazakhstan; that is why they decided to manufacture oat flakes on an industrial scale.

For “Vertex Vostok” LLP, we carried out the development of design documentation for the technological section of the 36-tons-per-day groat milling plant with a line of flakes of 18 tons per 24 hours; manufacturing and supply of a set of technological, transport and aspiration equipment of the groat milling plant; as well as start-up and adjustment works.

NOTA BENE! The flake line is multipurpose, i.e. it allows obtaining flakes not only from oats, but also from other groats that are manufactured at out groat milling plants.

The launch of this groat milling plant allows the customer to broaden the range of products and increase the ready delivery. Now our partners in Kazakhstan will process not only peas, pearl barley, millet, peeled barley groats, but also oats!