Any processing of grain is connected with its cleaning from impurities. The presence of impurities negatively affects the efficiency of grain storage and its technological features, which leads to a decrease in the yield and quality of processed products. Therefore, cleaning operations occupy a central place in the post-harvest grain processing!

Autumn is the season of harvesting late crops (sunflower and corn), which does not pass without the participation of our company! In this season of 2018, we put into operation and made adjustments grain cleaning separators LUCH ZSO practically in all regions of Ukraine.

These machines are a solution to the task of preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning. Preliminary cleaning is the rapid removal of wet impurities, which provides temporary storage of grain before drying and obtaining its fluidity for the possibility of performing this operation. The purpose of primary cleaning is to bring the quality of the grain to marketable condition. Such cleaning is the removal of light, large and small impurities, which is also performed in sieve-air separators.

The process of harvesting the crop and its further cleaning must be approached very seriously and every step forward must be thought through. Processing and cleaning technology greatly affects the quantity and quality of grain.Using such modern grain cleaning machines as LUCH ZSO and HORIZON-K, you insure yourself against losses and increase profits.

And our service department is ready to go out as soon as possible to start and adjust the equipment, as well as train the staff and answer all interesting questions!

We present to your attention photos of several objects.

OLYS LLC is a leader in grain cleaning!