‘OLIS’ LLC (Ukraine, Odessa) put into operation the latest groat milling plant for buckwheat processing.

It is a milestone event since the launch of the new factory means new work places, stable salary for the employees of the enterprise, as well as tax liabilities to the budget etc.

Within the framework of this project, a grain cleaning complex was launched to accept grains from motor vehicles with their further cleaning in LUCH ZSO separators, and store raw materials in tower silos. We also built a steam boiler house, which is used for industrial needs and at the same time steam consumption is used for heating.

The buckwheat plant itself has a production capacity of 30 tons per day. OLIS LLC has done a number of works such as: design, equipment production, launch, adjustment and personnel training. OLIS’ LLC also provides warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of the complex.

The structure of the buckwheat processing plant manufactured by OLIS Company includes:

  • Elevator НЗ
  • Auger conveyor Ш
  • Air separator VSZ
  • Destoner OMP
  • Wild oat indented cylinder TCO
  • Steamer A9-BPB
  • Vertical dryer VPS-O
  • Sieving grinding CSC-4
  • Buckwheat / millet peeling machine VDSO-400
  • Paddy-machine “VEKTOR” MSO-3×12
  • Sifter BM-1,2
  • Air separator (aspirator) ASO, etc.

The technological line was put into operation, as it operated with the indicated capacity with the indicated raw materials, with the indicated outputs and the quality of the finished product.

For detailed information on the line for processing buckwheat into groats dial the following numbers:

+38 (048) 752-85-58

+38 (067) 511-29-99, +38 (067) 485-19-95