In the Skvirsky region, Kiev, an enterprise engaged in the cultivation of grain and industrial crops a complex for cleaning, drying and storing grain was launched.

The enterprise had the task to pre-clean the grain (cleaning the grain before the dryer), to dry the grain, and also to carry out the initial cleaning of the grain (bringing the quality of grain to commodity standards).


The Grain separator LUCH ZSO-75 was chosen for pre-cleaning, as this machine is the optimal solution for cleaning wet grain and heavily clogged grain.

For the primary cleaning of grain a flat-screen separator PSO-100 was chosen. The main advantages of this machine are high performance and efficiency of grain cleaning with small dimensions, ease of sieve replacement, as well as the ability to clean all crops.

This grain cleaning and drying complex is also capable of preparing seed material.

The specialists of the company OLIS Ltd. performed the launch of separators and personnel training.

The use of modern separators from the company OLIS
is a serious step towards optimizing production.