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A powerful grain cleaning complex in the Khmelnitsky region.

A powerful grain cleaning complex was launched at the elevator in the Khmelnytskyi region. The grain cleaning line is built on the basis of OLIS separators..

So, for preliminary cleaning, two drum type grain-cleaning separators LUCH ZSO-200 are installed, for primary – a flat screen separator Horizont K-300. The total productivity of the line, depending on the crop, contamination and moisture content of the grain, can reach 150 t/h.

Implementation of the grain cleaning line at this elevator can be called technologically correct. To process freshly harvested grain with high moisture content and contamination before drying, drum separators LUCH ZSO-200 are used, which are unpretentious to the initial grain quality and work effectively under any circumstances. And after drying, a flat-screen separator Horizont K-300 is installed, which brings the quality of the dried grain to the baseline with the greatest efficiency. Thus, by optimizing the cleaning and drying process, the enterprise will reduce energy costs”, noted Volodymyr Chehlatoniev, commercial director of OLIS Ltd.

In addition, as V. Chehlatoniev noted, grain cleaning before drying on drum separators, due to the selection of large impurities, the remains of spikelets, stems and other organic matter, allows you to avoid the occurrence of grain mass and prevent possible ignition of the dryer, and also helps to reduce fuel consumption for drying.

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