Horizont-K-400 separator at one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine - news from the OLIS press center

Separator Horizont-K-400 at one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine

One of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine launched a separator Horizont-K-400.

Recently, the OLIS team launched the grain flat-screen separator Horizont-K-400 at an elevator in the cluster of the agricultural holding in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Separators Horizont-K-400 are one of the largest grain cleaning machines in their class, which are in high demand among large agricultural producers and agro-industrial holdings. They have established themselves as reliable equipment with high productivity and quality of crop cleaning from coarse, fine and light impurities

In particular, the above model has a primary cleaning productivity of up to 160 t/h, and the older machine (the largest in this line) Horizont-K-500 – up to 240 t/h.

Also, in this model range of separators, a double air separation system is implemented (at the entrance to the sieve body and at the exit from it), this innovation allows you to double efficiency of light impurities separating and productivity.

In addition, the technological design of the separator allows, with small dimensions, to have a working surface of sieves from 8 to 48 square meters, which puts them on a high level among analogues and makes them indispensable at the elevator.

More characteristics of Horizon-K grain separators can be found on our website.

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