The grain cleaning equipment has been updated at the elevator of the Skvyrsky KHP

The grain cleaning equipment has been updated at the elevator of the Skvyrsky KHP

Modernization of grain cleaning equipment was carried out at the harvesting elevator of the Skvyrsk bakery plant – the company’s press service reports.

As noted in the message, in June, the company modernized the grain cleaning equipment at the elevator. The existing grain separators were dismantled and a modern flat screen separator Horizont K-300 manufactured by OLYS LLC (Odesa) was installed. The productivity of the separator is 120 t/h (depends on the culture and quality indicators).

“Our company started the modernization of the grain cleaning line of the elevator back in 2021. Then we replaced the morally and technically outdated separator, which worked in the grain receiving stream, with a modern Horizont K-300 separator. After working on this equipment, we decided to replace the second separator, which was working on the control before the shipment of grain to the production of the processing plant, with the same Horizont K-300, but with an updated configuration,” said Viktor Doroshenko, general director of Skvyrsky KHP.

Specialists of the OLYS company, together with specialists of the plant, carried out a full adjustment of the separator and prepared it for work. Currently, the separator is put into operation and is ready to receive both the new crop and to control the quality of grain before shipment.

Doroshenko also added, “We have been cooperating with the OLYS company for more than 12 years. Technological equipment for processing buckwheat, oats, millet, wheat, barley, corn and other crops into groats produced by the OLYS company is also installed at our plant.