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Pre-cleaning of grain

To clean highly moist and heavily clogged grain, as well as to dry grain, it is necessary to carry out preliminary cleaning of the grain, that is, to remove large impurities. The harvest always contains a high percentage of various impurities – grains of other agricultural plants, spoiled grains, large impurities, random items.
What doespre-cleaning of grainprovide?

  1. When preliminary cleaning of grain most of the heap is removed;
  2. With the help of pre-cleaning of grain the humidity of the processed crop is reduced and the possibility of uniform heating of the grain is increased, while reducing drying costs;
  3. Preliminary cleaning of grain helps to increase the shelf life of grain several times;

All this is possible using the SKO scalper! This grain cleaning machine produced by LLC “OLIS” is designed for preliminary cleaning of grain – removing large impurities and debris from grain material, which is used in elevators and warehouses. It ensures the normal operation of dryers, protects transport equipment from clogging, fire and over-drying, reduces the amount of energy consumed when drying grain material, and also selects unwanted items that can interfere with the operation of the equipment or cause it to fail.