▷ The process of primary grain cleaning. Equipment used for primary grain cleaning

Primary grain cleaning

Beforeprimary cleaningof grain,in order to increase the efficiency of grain cleaning equipment, preliminary cleaningis usually carried out. Processing can begin withprimary grain cleaningif the grain does not require drying, and it contains a low percentage of contamination. Primary grain purification guarantees compliance of the main grain fraction with the basic norms of the food grain standard.
With grain cleaning machines from the OLIS company, the process ofprimary grain cleaningwill become convenient and effective. The grain separator “Horizon-K” is the best solution forprimary grain cleaning, as it has a large sifting surface area. Effectiveprimary grain cleaningoccurs thanks to the convenient configuration of the “Horizon – K”, since the separator can include an air separator with a closed air cycle VSZ or a separator with an open air cycle VSN, and at the outlet an air column KAO- 1. “Horizon – K” allows you to minimize the amount of damaged grain.
If you want to purchase high-quality and durable equipment at the best price, then “Horizon-K” grain separators from the “OLIS” company, used forprimary grain purification, are specially designed for your needs. Contact our consultants and they will provide you with all the information you need!