The choice of equipment for grain laboratories plays an important role for any enterprise associated with grain cleaning and processing. The indicators of laboratory equipment must be perfectly accurate; the slightest error can lead to incorrect assessment of grain, and this threatens the company with loss of profit. When determining the quality of grain, the test results can only be correct when using special laboratory equipment under laboratory conditions. That’s why it’s so important to purchase high-quality laboratory equipment. The OLIS company offers a wide selection of equipment for grain laboratories. Our laboratory equipment is not inferior to foreign analogues in the accuracy of measuring indicators. Laboratory instruments from OLIS provide accurate data on such operations as the process of grain peeling (Laboratory Husker USHZ), selection of the required mass for research (Grain Sample Divider DPZ, Universal Grain Divider UDZ-1M), temperature measurement (Digital Thermo Rods TC) and etc. You can get more detailed advice on equipping laboratories from the managers of the OLIS company by calling our contact numbers.