Various equipment is involved in grain processing, since it consists of complex, labor-intensive technological processes. Integrated equipment for cereals (cereal workshops, cereal lines and cereal enrichment plants) is used for cleaning and processing raw materials into cereals and flakes of various crops. Onequipment for cerealsthe processes of cleaning, moistening, steaming, drying, peeling, grinding and dividing into fractions are carried out.
It is important for modern agricultural industrialists that, in addition to all this, cereal equipment is automated and computerized for ease of use. The “OLIS” company is constantly developing and updating technologies for the production of equipment for cereals, improving working conditions for grain producers, contributing to the prosperity of business in the agricultural sector.
The company“OLIS” has developed a universal technological scheme, on the basis of which such multifunctional equipment for grains as theuniversal grain workshop “OPTIMATIK-K-07″ was built ” and “OPTIMATIC-K-15”, allowing the processing of wheat, barley, peas, millet, corn into cereals with high yields of finished products. This equipment allows you to reduce energy costs and reduce the number of maintenance personnel.
The design feature of the equipment for cereals from LLC OLIS is its versatility, quality, flexibility, wide possibilities of the technological scheme, the presence of control, protection and alarm systems. Everything you need to develop profitable agriculture, you will find with us!