▷ Machines for cleaning and sorting grain. Efficiency of use

Grain cleaning machine

The OLIS company has ten years of experience in the production of grain cleaning machines. Our staff is a team of specialists and like-minded people who constantly develop cutting-edge technical solutions. We are pleased to present to our customers the entire line of grain cleaning machines, allowing us to cover the entire spectrum of demand from agricultural market consumers.
Analyzing the desires and requirements of customers, the OLIS company expands its range of products, attracting representatives of small, medium and large businesses to cooperate. The OLIS production company has developed a model range of grain cleaning machines – drum-type grain-cleaning separators “LUCH ZSO” with the ability to clean from 25 to 300 tons of grain per hour from large, small and light impurities. Thanks to the sieve drum included in the design, this grain cleaning machine allows you to perform operations such as pre-cleaning, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning, sorting and sizing of grain.
The operation of the grain cleaning machine“LUCH ZSO” ensures high quality cleaned grain with the lowest percentage of damaged seeds. The separation method used in grain cleaning is based on aerodynamic and geometric principles. The operating system of the grain cleaning machine“LUCH ZSO” is designed in such a way that the initial grain entering the pneumatic separating channel of the air separator is blown with a counter flow of air supplied by a centrifugal fan, separating light impurities, and then enters the sieve drum, where it is cleaned of impurities that differ in size. The “LUCH ZSO” separator is an indispensable machine for grain cleaningon your farm, the quality of which has already been appreciated by more than 200 enterprises in Ukraine and foreign countries.

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