▷ Cleaning grain from coarse impurities. Equipment for cleaning grain from impurities

Cleaning grain from impurities

Equipment forgrain purification from impuritiesprovides high-quality separation of grain material from various types of impurities and dust.
Olis LLC is a research and production enterprise that sets the tone for numerous Ukrainian and foreign companies. For 10 years now, our company has been looking into the future with enthusiasm, while actively developing and producing modern high-tech equipment for cleaning grain from grain, weeds and harmful impurities, because clean grain is the key high quality flour, cereal and feed products.
Grain purity is its main indicator of quality. When harvesting, many unwanted objects get into the grain, socleaning grain from impuritiesis a mandatory requirement for agricultural enterprises. Preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning, sorting, and calibration of grain improve conditions and increase the shelf life of grain. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and you need to use the grain cleaning separator “LUCH-ZSO” produced by the “OLIS” company in a timely manner. This machine does an excellent job of cleaning grain from light, small and large impurities. A significant advantage of this cleaning machine is that it can be equipped with air separators VSN and VSZ, which are produced by cleansing of grainfrom impurities, characterized by aerodynamic properties, while carefully protecting from injury. Choose quality – choose “Olis”!