▷ Kruporushka - equipment designed for obtaining cereals of various grain crops


Kruporushka (cereal shop) is a cereal equipment designed for producing cereals of various grain crops. The Kruporushka is used both on small farms and large grain processing enterprises. The grain mill can process wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet into varietal cereals. Waste from the grain crusher can be used as feed for cattle, poultry, etc., which also creates a need for it. The Grinder is a complex device consisting of several elements that perform various functions: peeling, grinding and sifting.

Kruporushka from “OLIS” produces high quality cereal. Thanks to a well-thought-out design and a unique fleet of machines, our crusher does not require a large area for installation, and the electricity consumption per ton is up to 26 kW/t per hour. To operate the grinder, a minimum number of maintenance personnel is required.

Kruporushka (grain shop) produced by OLIS LLC is an indispensable machine in your household!