Grain cleaning is one of the most important stages of post-harvest grain processing. The collected product may have a high level of humidity; it contains various impurities, the humidity of which is also high. Storing grain in an uncleaned state can lead to its spoilage – self-heating, the appearance of harmful microorganisms, fungi. This is why it is worth doing cleaning immediately after harvesting. Grain cleaning allows you to separate all kinds of impurities from the main mass, thereby preventing the processes of self-heating and germination, as well as increasing the shelf life of grain and improving the commercial quality of grain. The choice of equipment has a huge impact on the quality of grain cleaning. It is important that grain cleaning equipment has high performance and is safe to use. To carry out grain cleaning, “OLIS” offers to use equipment of its own production: grain cleaning separators “LUCH-ZSO” (grain cleaningfrom impurities that differ in size), OMP stone separators (mineral separation). impurities from grain), trier ТЦК and ТЦО (grain purification from cockle and wild oats), air separators VSZ and VSN (grain purification from impurities that differ in aerodynamic properties) and many others etc.