Under the strategy implementation of consolidation of market position in Ukraine and expansion of import supplies of produced equipment, a new factorywas built based on all modern requirements. Production was equipped with modern machine-building equipment. Rebranding was carried out for company identification and creation of a single brand both for domestic andforeign markets. Thus Cyrillic logo of the company “ОЛИС”is transformed into OLIS(see figure).


“Production of the company OLIS is equipped with the latest machine-building techniques and technologies. List of innovations consists of themost up-to-date complexes of plasma and laser metal cutting, band-sawing machine,plate-bending machine, four centers of mechanical processing, computerized heat treatment center, a range of auxiliary production equipment made in Germany, South Korea, Sweden and Italy”, – noted Aleksandr Vereshchynskyi.

Also within modernization of production, metalworking and welding section, sections of final assembly of grain cleaning and processing equipment, and section of laboratory equipment assembly were fully re-equipped. With the aim of optimization of workshop logistics, company’s engineers designed and manufactured dozens of types of intrashop and intershop packaging, and also a variety of equipment, devices and special tools.

“We decided to be fully modernized for our customers. Besides technical re-equipment, grain processing workshop and grain laboratory were assembled, which allow us to improve technology of grain processing and efficiency of equipment”, – noted Aleksandr Vereshchynskyi.

Besides, the company plans to introduce heavily modernized separators HORIZONT, and few new laboratory devices. And with it we want to expand the boundaries of equipment delivery.

“Today the company OLIS supplies grain cleaning separators and equipment for groats and flakes production more than in 30 countries. Last year Canada, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland were added to the list of our customers. Our equipment is well accepted abroad, doesn’t yield to and even surpasses equipment made in Europe and America. Accordingly, additional appeals and applications are continued. Thus, by improving technical level of production to world requests, we also improve our individuality, in particular company rebranding”,- added commercial director Vladimyr Chehlatoniev.

New factory construction, modernization of production, expansion of the equipment line, and expansion into new markets – these are only the beginning of a great path for the company OLIS. In fact so many new ideas and ambitious plans are yet to come!