Separator LUCH ZSO-75 on an elevator in Bulgaria - OLIS

Separator LUCH ZSO-75 on an elevator in Bulgaria

A grain cleaning separator LUCH ZSO-75 of the OLIS company was installed at an elevator in Bulgaria. The productivity of the separator is up to 50 t/h for primary cleaning.

“LUCH ZSO drum separators are a universal and effective solution for grain cleaning at elevators, mills and farms. The equipment has been manufactured and modernized for 18 years. Over the years, separators have passed the most daring tests in production conditions. Therefore, they are in wide demand not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU, the USA, Canada and about 30 other countries of the world,” noted Cheglatonev V.

The expert also added that the separators of this model have a number of advantages, which makes them a reliable and indispensable assistant in crop processing. These advantages include:

◾️ Suitable for cleaning all types of grain

◾️ The grain is not injured during processing;

◾️ Effective cleaning of wet and heavily soiled grain;

◾️ Absence of noise, vibration and dynamic loads;

◾️ Simplicity and reliability;

◾️ Closed cycle air separator;

◾️ The angle of inclination of the drum can be changed from 1 to 5 degrees;

◾️ A wide range of models allows you to choose the best option for a grain cleaning complex.

To familiarize yourself with the model range and different configuration schemes of separators, go to the company’s website – or contact our specialists using the contacts below.