"KERAM" LLC launched a universal KRUPOTSEKH in the Vinnytsia Region

“KERAM” LLC launched a universal KRUPOTSEKH in the Vinnytsia Region

In the Vinnytsia region (Gaysinsky District), LLC “KERAM” built and put into operation the OPTIMATIK K-15 universal granulator, as stated in the message of the OLIS company.

As reported by “OLIS” LLC, the OPTIMATIK K-15 aggregate universal grain mill has a productivity of up to 15 t/day and is designed for processing wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet grains into grains with the production of wheat, barley, pearl, pea, corn groats and millet The design and equipment of the grain factory ensures the yield and quality of grain in accordance with current standards and requirements of the modern market.

“Now is not the time to stop. It is necessary to develop and be independent, not only on a state scale, but on an enterprise scale. There is no price for grain, export routes are working very hard. Therefore, in order not to depend on exports, we launched a grain factory to process our grain and obtain added value. At the same time, we will be able to provide the residents of the community with quality cereals. Krupotseh was purchased from the Ukrainian manufacturer – the OLIS company (Odesa),” noted the representative of KERAM LLC.

Currently, all installation and debugging work has been completed. The plant has been put into operation and is configured to process all the specified crops. According to Volodymyr Cheglatonev, Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs of OLYS LLC, this approach will allow the enterprise to switch from culture to culture without much effort and be agile in the production of one or another grain.

We hope that our new OPTIMATYK K-15 grain machine will contribute to the development of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine and satisfy the needs of our customers for high-quality grains, concluded the KERAM company.