In today’s conditions of development of the grain business in Ukraine, agricultural producers already need to have their own laboratories to determine the quality of grain and its processed products. This was reported by a market expert of laboratory equipment company “OLIS” Olga Dzyuba.
“It is known that the quality of grain dictates the price. In order for agricultural producers to be able to defend the quality of their products to the elevator and other buyers at a decent level, they need to equip their laboratories. Since, due to one indicator, grain can quickly turn from the first class into the second or third, which will bring large financial losses to the grain producer,” emphasizedO. Dzyuba.

According to the expert, to create a laboratory on the farm, about 20 items of basic equipment and about 15 units are enough. auxiliary tool.

“A sampler, drying cabinet, grain mill, whiteness meter, moisture meter, IDK analyzer, dough mixer, scales, a device for determining the falling number, a set of sieves and other auxiliary tools will allow you to equip a standard laboratory and effectively determine the quality of grain in accordance with GOST requirements,” the specialist clarified.

She also added that a full list of domestic equipment for such a laboratory will cost approximately $6 thousand. “But if you earn an additional $4 on a ton of wheat, knowing its correct quality and compliance with the highest class -6, then the funds invested in the laboratory will be recouped by 1.5 thousand tons of grain sold,” commented specialistO. Dzyuba.