▷ Grain cleaning equipment - for processing the harvested crop. Stages of harvest cleaning

Grain cleaning equipment

Processing of the harvested crop begins with grain cleaning. Grain cleaning equipment is equipment that cleans and sorts grains, oilseeds, cereals, and leguminous crops according to various characteristics – size, shape, color, grain density, aerodynamic properties. Grain cleaning consists of several stages – preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning, each of which uses special grain cleaning equipment. Today, the volumes of processed grain are very large, therefore, when cleaning, it is impossible to do without grain cleaning equipment. Our company offers a wide selection of grain cleaning equipment, with the help of which the grain will undergo high-quality cleaning at each stage, due to which the quality of the final product will significantly increase. Depending on the various physical and mechanical properties of grain crops and the impurities contained in them, it is necessary to select grain cleaning equipment.
The use of modern equipment from the OLIS company, in particular the LUCH-ZSO and Horizont-K grain separators, will give agro-industrial enterprises a number of advantages in the manufacture of products. You can learn more about our equipment by visiting our website or calling our managers.