▷ Screw conveyor: parameters and dimensions. Operating principle of screw conveyors

Screw conveyor

The Screw conveyor manufactured by LLC “OLIS” is usedto move bulk products (grain and its products, fine cargo, granules), processed into cereals, flour and mixed feed in a horizontal plane at an angle of up to 20 degrees.
The principle of operation of screw conveyors is that the bulk product (grain) that needs to be moved falls into the receiving tray and then enters the housing where a rotating screw is installed. The helical spiral picks up the product and transports it along the axis of the body. The product being moved is discharged out through the outlet pipe.

Screw conveyors are easy to use and can be used in mills, feed mills, cereal shops, flour milling and feed mills, and as part of mechanical lines in granaries.
The Screw conveyor  has parameters and dimensions that meet the requirements specified for grain processing enterprises.

Screw conveyors produced by “OLIS” are an ideal transport for moving a product in a horizontal plane, having a wear-resistant design and components from well-known European manufacturers.