The grain laboratory is an important component in agribusiness. In the presence of fierce competition, farmers need to improve the quality of their products, so they need special laboratory equipment. Any activity related to grain storage and grain processing begins with the operation of laboratory instruments. Using laboratory instruments quality indicators are determined in accordance with established standards (e.g. EU standards). The importance of laboratory instruments is very great, since their reliability and accuracy of readings affects the quality of grain, its processing and storage. That’s why laboratory equipment must be of high quality, reliable and affordable. The OLIS company is a manufacturer of various laboratory instruments for grain laboratories. Our laboratory equipment varies in application, function and purpose. You can also find information on such laboratory devices as Manual Press PROM, Drying Oven SESH-3MU, Chizhov Device PCHMTs, Dough Mixer TL-2, Diaphanoscope DSZ-3 and many others, you can find on our website. All equipment produced by OLIS LLC is certified and has a long service life.