Grain noria is a type of transport equipment, which is used for vertical movement of grain, processed products, as well as various bulk products. Elevators can be used in the process of drying and cleaning grain at grain processing and grain cleaning enterprises, at elevator complexes, and at grain collection points. The Noria is a continuous machine with attached load-carrying buckets. The norium head consists of a base and caps. A drive drum and drive are also installed on the elevator head. The base of the elevators is a welded structure in which a tensioning mechanism – tapes – is mounted, brushes for cleaning the elevator, as well as inspection hatches are located.
Operating principle: when the elevator drive is started, the drive drum begins to rotate, which drives the elevator belt or belt with buckets. The grain enters the elevator shoe through the product loading funnel, then it is captured by moving buckets and raised to the elevator head.
The grain in the buckets moves along the bend of the belt and, under the influence of centrifugal forces, is thrown out of the buckets, then removed from the elevator through a funnel to unload the product.
The Grain elevator NZ manufactured by LLC “OLIS”is a good solution for vertical transportation of grain, as it has a gravitational type of unloading, which allows you to reduce the amount of broken grain.