▷ Scraper conveyors for grain - types and design

Scraper conveyor

A Scraper conveyor is one of the types of transport equipment, which is a box with scrapers that are attached to traction chains. The box is immersed in bulk product. Scraper conveyors ТСО are used for moving grain and products of its processing, as well as other bulk products in the horizontal direction and at an angle of up to 20 degrees to the horizon at elevators, flour milling and feed mills. The Scraper conveyor is designed in such a way that the bulk product moves along the box using a chain with scrapers due to internal friction forces, while both the product captured by the scrapers and chain and the upper layers of the product lying along the entire cross-section move box section. The design of the scraper conveyor consists of a closed box and a tension chain with lower and upper branches located between two sprockets, to which the scrapers are attached. The lower branch of the chain is working. The product is placed through the inlet openings of the box with valves.
The TSO scraper conveyor, produced by the OLIS company, is capable of maximally satisfying the needs for transport equipment of enterprises involved in grain storage and processing.