▷ Stone picker - specific application and operating principle

Stone picker

Destoner is a type of grain cleaning equipment designed to clean grain from mineral impurities (glass, stones, metal, coarse sand and other heavy particles) from the grain flow. The Destonermanufactured by the OLIS company is effectively used in cleaning grain from difficult-to-separate impurities. According to the principle of operation, the stone picker OMP refers to vibro-pneumatic grain cleaning machines that use an upward flow in interaction with vibrations of the sorting surface. The operation of the stone separator OMP is effective, since the machine ensures the separation of 99% of mineral impurities. The high degree of purification of the stone pickerof the OMP allows reducing the wear of equipment used in the production chain in the future. The Stone picker is easy to set up and has a reliable design. Thanks to the use of a special deck, 2 times less air is consumed for aspiration compared to analogues. The OMP destoner has 2 modifications with the grain cleaner’s productivity adjusted to levels up to 6 t/h and 12-22 t/h.
By purchasing an OMP destoner manufactured by OLIS LLC, you receive high-quality and effective equipment for preliminary grain cleaning.