▷ Grain cleaning machine - a new comprehensive solution. Using a grain cleaning machine

Grain cleaning machine

Grain cleaning is a fairly complex, labor-intensive process and occurs in several stages. In accordance with modern realities of the agricultural market, new integrated solutions are emerging – grain cleaning machines. The emergence of grain cleaning technology became a step in the development of grain production. A Grain cleaning machinecan sort grain according to various criteria: geometric (selection of grains by size – width and thickness), aerodynamic properties (peculiarities of their behavior in the air flow); seed shape; surface roughness; density, etc.

Grain cleaning machine “LUCH ZSO” is a modern drum-type separator designed for cleaning grain and seeds to obtain high quality standards. The “LUCH ZSO” separator was developed by the “OLIS” company for cleaning grain from large, small and light impurities, as well as for calibrating and sorting grain of any complexity. It is a universal grain cleaning machine, since in addition to seeds of various grain crops, it is also capable of sorting legumes and oilseeds, as well as grass seeds. The grain cleaning machine “LUCH ZSO” sufficiently eliminates low-quality crushed, broken and puny grains and cleans seeds from grains of unwanted plants, weeds and impurities. The use of the grain cleaning machine“LUCH ZSO” from OLIS LLC will help to significantly increase the market value of grain.