▷ Cereal equipment: areas of application and features of use

Cereal equipment

Before processing grain into cereals in factories, it must be separated from various impurities, litter and dust, that is, cleaned. To obtain the finished product – cereals, the purified grain must be husked, crushed and sorted into fractions. All these operations cannot be performed without special equipment.

Cereal equipment produced by LLC “OLIS” provides a high degree of grain processing and yield of finished products. Our company has been successfully producing cereal equipment for ten years for small, medium and large businesses. Grain equipment “OLIS” is divided into two types of grain workshops: aggregated universal grain workshops with a capacity of 7 and 15 tons/day, which include “OPTIMATIK-K-07” and “OPTIMATIK-K-15” ( grain workshops are aggregated on a supporting frame with a ladder and a platform for maintenance), and complete universal grain workshops with a capacity of 30 tons/day. up to 240 t/day. for processing wheat, barley, peas, millet, buckwheat, corn, oats, etc.
Using the universal cereal mill “OPTIMATIC-K-15” produced by “OLIS” it is possible to produce the following types of cereals: pearl barley, barley, wheat, peas and millet. This cereal equipment guarantees the quality of grain above the requirements of GOST and allows you to meet the demand of the modern agricultural market. The “OPTIMATIC-K-15” cereal shop has a number of advantages, in particular compactness, convenient transportation due to pneumatic transport, low energy consumption, preliminary grain cleaning, installation of additional options that increase the capabilities of cereal equipment. By purchasing “OPTIMATIK-K-15”, you gain confidence in the quality of the machine for a long period. The use of cereal equipment from the OLIS company will ensure a quick payback on the equipment.