Another universal groats mill “Optimatic-K-15” has been launched in Ukraine - news by the press center OLIS

Another universal groats mill “Optimatic-K-15” has been launched in Ukraine

At the end of January 2023, in the Kyiv region (Borispol district), the OLIS company commissioned the aggregate universal groats mill Optimatic K-15.

“Under the current conditions, when there are difficulties with grain logistics, the price of raw materials, as well as its rather large balances, processing remains one of the priority areas for careful use of grain. Groats production is not only the diversification of agriculture, but also the provision of the population with high-quality food, the availability of which is so important in the war,” said Volodymyr Chehlatoniev, Commercial Director of OLIS Ltd.

Main advantages of the groats plant “Optimatic-K-15” are:

  • High yield and quality of groats in the class of universal groats mills of low productivity
  • Ability to quickly adjust in case of a change in the type of grain or processed groats
  • Basic equipment can be supplemented with options that significantly increase the possibilities of processing (additional cleaning, splitting peas, enriching groats, etc.)
  • Compactness and low power consumption, allowing the operation of the groats mill in various adapted premises
  • Operation of the groats mill is carried out in automatic mode
  • Reliability of the groats mill equipment ensures its uninterrupted and long-term operation for a long period of operation
  • Efficient processing of grain of low groats standards without compromising the quality of groats
  • Assembly and launch of the groats mill for work within three days

Technological characteristics of the groats mill are presented on our website.