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OLIS Ltd: we are working Non-Stop in 2023

 Dear our partners and customers, for uninterrupted production of grain cleaning, grain processing and laboratory equipment, our company has purchased a powerful generator.

 “We purchased a very powerful generator, which is able to provide electricity to all our production facilities and the administrative building. Thanks to this, we will avoid downtime due to power outages and will be able to manufacture and deliver the entire line of OLIS equipment on time,” said Volodymyr Chehlatoniev, commercial director of OLIS Ltd.

✔✔ “We understand that timely delivery of equipment for our customer is primarily an opportunity to process grain on time and form an export batch or process it and provide finished products to the country’s population. That’s why we made large enough investments to ensure uninterrupted work,” Chehlatoniev V. added.

 Now the energy system of the enterprise is almost configured, all the necessary communications and automation systems are connected, the equipment is configured.

 ☝️So rest assured that we are doing our best to work smoothly in 2023 to fulfill all your orders!

With Ukraine in ????????

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