OLIS launches Horizon K-400 grain cleaning separator at an elevator in Moldova

Launch of Horizont K-400 grain separator in Moldova

The OLIS company successfully launched the Horizont K-400 grain cleaning separator at an elevator in Moldova. The productivity of the separator is 160 t/h.

The delivery set includes:

  • closed cycle air separator VSZ-160, installed in front of the sieve body,
  • two aspiration columns KAO-1,3, installed after the sieve body,
  • aspiration system,
  • control panel.

Thanks to the modern equipment of the OLIS company, the Moldovan elevator was able to clean high-quality grain and prepare it for further storage or processing/sale. In addition, the Horizont K-400 separator ensures the environmental safety of the grain cleaning process, as it reduces dust emissions thanks to the two-stage aspiration system (closed and classic).

We will remind you that the Horizont K-400 grain cleaning separator is designed for cleaning the grain of agricultural crops from large, small and light impurities. The separator has high productivity, efficient grain cleaning, thanks to the large working area of ​​the sieves; reliable design and ease of use.

“We have been cooperating with Moldovan farmers for a long time, who strive to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products on the market. Therefore, the OLIS company continues to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector not only in Ukraine, but also to help our neighbors and provide them with high-quality and reliable equipment for grain cleaning and processing,” said Volodymyr Cheglatonev.