Launch of the LUCH ZSO-200 and Horizont-K-400 separators. News.

Launch of LUCH ZSO-200 and Horizon-K-400 separators in Kharkiv region.

At the elevator in the Kharkiv region, the specialists of the OLIS company launched the LUCH ZSO-200 and Horizont-K-400 separators.

The use of two separators – drum and flat screen type – significantly expands the capabilities of the grain cleaning line and increases the efficiency of grain cleaning. So you can combine different cleaning schemes. For example, the LUCH ZSO separator can be used for preliminary cleaning or before drying, and Horizont-K-400 – after drying or primary cleaning.

Also, a VSZ-160 closed-cycle aspirator is installed at the entrance of the LUCH ZSO separator, and the Horizon-K-400 in this configuration has two air separators with a closed air cycle VSZ-160 and VSZM-160, which are installed at the entrance in front of the sieve body and at the exit from a sieve body (see photo 2).

Currently, the equipment is all put into operation and is working on finishing the new crop.